About us

Who We Are

We are Aksel Ranheim, Kornelius Lindberg, and Herman Lorck, three men from Norway with a profound passion for the fitness industry. Our journey in fitness is not just a profession, it's a lifelong commitment.

Aksel Ranheim: With a keen eye for development and technical aspects, Aksel brings a unique skill set to our team. His background as a Personal Trainer (PT) complements his expertise in the development sector of the fitness industry.

Kornelius Lindberg: Kornelius, our main customer relations guru, shines in his interactions with people. His experience as a former PT helps him create meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients.

Herman Lorck: Herman excels in sales, driven by his deep interest in business. His skills not only contribute to our company's growth but also help in understanding and meeting the needs of our clients.

Our Story

Our story began with a shared frustration - churn in the fitness sector. Losing our favorite clients was not just a business setback; it was a personal one. This led us on a quest to understand and combat churn rates. Surprisingly, we found no existing businesses specializing in this area. However, we discovered the key to retention: community.We initiated our approach with our gym and a few local businesses in Norway. The results were astounding, encouraging us to embark on our business journey full time. Thus began our mission to enhance gym communities and reduce client turnover.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet ambitious. We aim to expand our business to help as many people as possible stick with their fitness journeys. By creating strong, supportive communities, we believe we can make a significant difference in how people view and commit to their fitness goals.

Who We Are Today

Today, we stand as a team of young, driven men, dedicated to making a difference in the fitness world. Our experiences, strengths, and passions unite us in our quest to transform how fitness communities operate and thrive. We are not just business partners; we are catalysts for change in an industry we deeply love.